2017 Committee 

These are this year's committee members; their responsibilities and contact details.  Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like to get involved in the future.

President:                      Mary Abbott

Chair:             Sarah Bradley               44bradley@gmail.com                     01752 837109    

Vice Chair:                     Linda Osman                Laosman2@gmail.com                     01752 837662

Secretary:                      Janice Quest                 Janice.quest@yahoo.com                01752 837276 

Treasurer:                     TBA 

Sheep Show:                 Ann Willcocks               annwillcocks@aol.com                       01752 892312 

Horse Show                  Karon Yeoman   kmy2000uk@yahoo.com                

Sponsorship      Stella Bussell                stellabussell@gmail.com                   01752 837617 
Dog Show                     Maggie Hall                  m.hall47@btinternet.com                  
01752 837598
                                     Adrian Stokes               age.stokes@gmail.com                     07761 263250 
Pet & Poultry                Christine Smith             farmsec100@hotmail.co.uk               01752 837713 

Horticulture                   Jenny Rowland  jenniferrowland@hotmail.co.uk

Trade Stands/Catering  Christine Pascoe          cornwoodshowdirector@gmail.com  01752 837421                                       

Entertainments             Janice Quest                 Janice.quest@yahoo.com                 01752 837276

Marketing / Media         Linda Osman               Laosman2@gmail.com                      01752 837662 

Village Market:              Louise Collins              louisekcollins@hotmail.co.uk              01752837358 

Health & Safety      Matthew Meddings      matthewmeddings@gmail.com          07812121056

 2017 Trustees  

The charity that runs the Society and Shows is governed by a board of Trustees shown below; once a new Treasurer is appointed, they will also become a Trustee.

Louise Collins and Maggie Hall, who are also Committee Members

Gillian Glegg

Nick Pound.

The details of the Trustees are registered with the Charity Commission and can be checked at any time on their website www.gov.uk/government/organisations/charity-commission